the Rainbow Duo

A comic about the adventures of two gay stick figures in love ...


Rainbow Duo update


It's been a little over 4 months since we launched this website and what fun it has been so far! Back in December we only had 3 comics to show you and now we are proud to say we have 8 (including the upcoming comic, which will be posted on Monday). We hope there will be many more to follow!

We sure have enough ideas to keep going for a long time, the only problem sometimes is finding the time to actually get creative and make the comics. The thinking up of actual storylines and ...

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Welcome to the Rainbow Duo!


Hi there,

Thanks for checking out our website. We're really excited to now have a home for our comic! The Rainbow Duo was created a few months ago when my girlfriend and I were brainstorming about what kind of creative things we could do. She had been leaving me drawings with stick figures, saying things like "we are the rainbow", meaning we're so very gay. We thought, why not give those gay stick figures some stories, some adventures? That's when the idea of t...

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